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Westwood is a bounty hunter. A man of few words he travel the world on his customized pearl white Lion, hunting criminals and bringing law and order to the frontier, one bullet at a time. he's a crackshot sniper both on foot with his hunting rifle, and on mech with her Lion's railgun.

He seems to be amused at Grace’s antics. Grace has a minor bounty on her head, and Westwood often threathen to turn imr in if she doesn’t help Unity Group.

Sapphire Eyes is an mercenary and assassin. Nobody knows her real name, she’s one of interpol’s most wanted criminal. Equally deadly on foot and on mech, with bladed weapons or guns. She’s infamous for always wearing some elaborate dress, that hides surprising number of deadly weapons. Her choice of mech is a custom black TSF. It is said that she once she got her peacock blue eyes on a target, that target will never know peace again. A total Yandere.

Both Sapphire Eyes' mercenaries and The Enclave's army use common mook mechs, nothing too powerful, though Sapphire Eyes' mercenaries might use something more ragtag, and Enclave's army is more uniform.
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Player name: Fri
AIM contact: frifreeman
Alternate contacts: frifreeman2
Character name: Grace Wallach
Source canon: The Good, The Bad, The Gal With The Gun
Community tag: grace wallach
Do I want a HMD: yes



Grace Wallach is an drifter, salvager, junk dealer, and small time crook. She travels around the world on her beat-up mech, doing whatever she can to survive and get profit.

She had a relatively ordinary childhood, there aren't any great personal tragedy or loss that turn her into this kind of life. One day in her teenage years she just thought, "Let's travel and try to make a fortune by myself!" and so she went. She might make up some more dramatic past if she think it'd suit her though.

Original canon background:

See mission list.


Grace has a strange combination of confidence and self-doubt. She acts confident and try to look as charming as possible, because that's what she need to do to survive, but she never considers herself to be capable to do anything other than small time business and crookery. She tries to act big in front of everyone, but she always feels that everyone are more successful than her.

She's not entirely an honest person, and actually is a bit of a swindler, but she has her own, strange, shifting code of honor, which she herself are not sure what it is.

But one of the main cornerstone of her code of honor, and one of the reason on why she's not too successful as a crook or a businesswoman, is that she's actually has a bleeding heart. She's really weak against other's plight, and often stopped short of a profit because she feel sorry for the other side.

Another reason why she’s not a successful businessman or swindler is that, well, she wears her emotion on her sleeve. She’s a girl of extreme emotions. It’s easy to see what Grace is feeling at any moment.

Still, she's always obsessed on that one big score that she believe will make her rich. She seems to be always involved in some harebrained get rich scheme.

Other than that, she's a cheerful and light-hearted fellow, always trying to enjoy life as best as she could.

Capabilities and Resources:

Grace is a jack of all trade and master of none. She can fight a bit, both on foot or in mech, but she's not an ace. She can repair junks, but she's not a mechanic. She considers herself charming and suave, but not a diplomat. She can sing and dance and play instrument, but not an artist.

In combat, she’s not a straight combatant. She always have a literal and metaphoric bag of tricks under her leather duster.

Grace has some special ability related to the canon, but she can't activate it freely, in other word, it's plot based ability that will only activate according to the plot.

Position in Unity Group:

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: DT-6800F Daughtress Flyer Custom.

Unit Description:

A customized beat-up old Daughtress, wielding a G-revolver and a beam spray gun akimbo. The G-revolver can use various kind of bullets, ranging from armor piercing bullets, grenade rounds to flares.

She also customized her Daughtress with various hidden tricks. It can deploy steel cables, smoke screen, flash bangs, oil slicks, and anti-missile chaffs.


Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground/Air



Mission requirement: Yes

Suggested Event List:

The great train robbery (log+mission)
A steam train was found buried in a desert somewhere. Problem is, archaeologist and announced that the train is older than human civilization. The ultimate Out-of-place-artifact (Oopart) A team of scientist is camping at the dig site, studying it. The site became a famous tourist attraction. Grace is there, selling fake Ooparts to tourists. The unity group was there to provide security or as tourists

Suddenly Sapphire Eyes appears and attempts to kill the scientists, before summoning a bunch of mercenaries and steals the whole train. Battle ensues. While the mercs distracts unity group, Sapphire Eyes runs away with the locomotive.

Westwood appears and shoot Sapphire down. Apparently, he’s been following Sapphire Eyes for a while. The locomotive falls down… and crashes on Grace.

Sapphire Eyes moves on to kill Grace and get the locomotive, or at least what’s left out of it back. But Grace does something strange, some weird glyphs appears on her mech and she defeats Sapphire Eyes.

Saying some mysterious stuffs and vowing to “obtain” Grace, Sapphire Eyes runs away.

Westwood explains that he’s been hired by a world famous think tank group, called the Enclave. He’s tasked to stop Sapphire Eyes from stealing the train and bring the train to the Enclave. Only then everyone finds out that the train has been utterly destroyed. Parts of the train was embedded on Grace’s mech, and some even finds its way into Grace’s body.

Westwood contacts the Enclave. After discussing things with the Enclave, he says the Enclave concludes that the important part of the train has embedded itself on Grace. and her mech. He says Grace should stay with the Unity group, because Sapphire Eyes would try to “obtain” Grace, while he investigate matters more with the Enclave.

2. A fistful of dollars.

Westwood contacts unity group. He says that they might be able to find some clue about the strange glyphs on Grace’s mech in a dangerous place. The Fleet of Batavia.

The Fleet of Batavia is a moving merchant fleet. It’s said that anything can be sold or bought there.. An ex member of the Enclave lives there. He used to be an archaeologist, but now lives as an antique dealer.

When they explore the Fleet of Batavia, UG finds out that Grace is missing. When they find her, it turned out that she has sold her mech for a high price to someone who heard about the previous mission.

Then Sapphire Eyes and her team of mercs attacks again. They thrashes the Fleet and its supposedly famous security team, and get ahold of Grace’s old mech (by killing the buyer). Sapphire Eyes fights Grace who’s using a random mech, and Grace is totally defeated. Disappointed that Grace can’t do the weird thing she did previously, she moves for the kill, saying that she can ‘obtain’ Grace dead or alive.

Westwood appears and saves Grace. UG and Westwood defeats Sapphire Eyes and her team, and the villains run away, but not without hauling Grace’s mech. The UG should manage to save half of Grace’ mech

UG meet up with the Ex Enclave member, and shows pictures of the glyphs on Grace’s mech. The archaeologist says that he’s seen the glyphs before, but he need to research it more..

3. The Quick and the Dead.

Westwood says that he found Sapphire Eyes’ hideout, and he need UG’s help to destroy it. But before UG can make any move, Sapphire Eyes attacks first. Sapphire Eye bonded parts of Grace’s mech to hers. She says, she want to become one with Grace, and this is just the starter.

Sapphire Eye defeats Grace easily. Grace exits her mech and tries to run away, but Sapphire Eyes lands beside hers and exits her mech as well. A strange impenetrable bubble envelops them. Sapphire Eyes calmly run her hand through Grace’s chest, saying that finally they become one. Strange glyphs appeared on Grace’s body. Sapphire Eyes explains that she’s been hired by the remnants of some defeated army to obtain the greatest weapon of all. A working time machine. Who made it? Where did it come from? Who cares. The important thing is that it exists. The train was the key. And now Grace is the key.

Grace fought back though, and suddenly, something strange happens. Everything inside the bubble rewinds back in time. Suddenly they were back in their mechs.

It doesn’t matter, Sapphire Eyes says. She had become one with Grace, and now she can activate the time machine as well. Westwood said he’ll stop her, but using her new power, Sapphire Eye kills Westwood, before flying away.

Grace knelt before Westwood’s destroyed mech, and lo, time rewinds and he’s not dead anymore. She then passes out.

4. High Noon.

The ex-enclave member is found tortured and dead. But before his death, he transmitted a location to UG. The location of the time machine. It’s located in a desert somewhere. But surely, the one who killed him also know where it is. It’s now a race against time.

UG, and Westwood-led Enclave’s army race against Sapphire Eyes’ army to the Time Machine’s location. Then there, Westwood revealed something. The Enclave decided that a time machine is too dangerous to exist at all. And he’s tasked to kill both Grace and Sapphire Eyes, to prevent the time machine to ever be activated.

A three way duel in high noon...

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